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Cocoa beans are used in a variety of products due to their many beneficial properties. One of the reasons for these many benefits is due to the chemical known as "theobromine." Dark cocoa and tea are prime sources of theobromine, as these nutrient-dense foods have often been associated with mood-enhancing and positive cognitive effects.

What is Theobromine?

Theobromine was initially discovered in the 1840s by scientists analyzing the pods of coca trees throughout Central and South America. This alkaloid compound is similar to caffeine, as it stimulates the heart, widens blood vessels, and even boosts one's mood. However, theobromine isn't as strong as a stimulant as caffeine, even though it shares effects that fall under the same category.

Where is Theobromine Found?

Chocolate is often one of the most popular sources of theobromine. However, it's also found in several types of tea leaves, coffee, matcha green tea, kola nuts, hot chocolate, and cocoa beans. Cocoa pods are split into two from theobroma cacao trees, as the seeds are taken out and fermented, which leaves behind a large mass of rich brown chocolate. The highest concentration levels of theobromine are found in dark chocolate. You can also take natural stimulants containing theobromine to increase energy levels.

Here are a few of the main benefits of taking theobromine nootropics for energy.

Improve Cardiovascular Function

One of the advantages of taking theobromine natural stimulants is that it can positively improve cardiovascular function by helping to regulate blood pressure and improve circulation through the widening of blood vessels. Theobromine can potentially help maintain healthy lung function by improving airflow to the lungs and decreasing asthma symptoms.

Potential Mood-Boosting Effects

Another potential benefit of theobromine nootropic stimulants is that they can provide mild anti-depressive effects. Theobromine can also give euphoric feelings to some people. Taking nootropic stimulants consistently can be beneficial in giving a boost in mood.

Enhance Focus

Various studies show that theobromine impacts focus and concentration levels, similar to caffeine, as it blocks the adenosine receptors and inhibits phosphodiesterase. In other words, it plays a key role in reducing the effects of chemicals in the brain that often make you feel unfocused and groggy. The mild stimulating impact of theobromine is one reason why these nootropic stimulants are becoming a popular option for many athletes.

Natural Diuretic Effect

An often overlooked benefit of taking these supplements for energy and mental clarity is its natural diuretic effect. The compound in this chemical can help increase the amount of urine in the body, which can decrease water retention and better treat the buildup of fluid. Taking these natural stimulants can be beneficial for anyone with fluid-retention problems.

Help With Weight Loss

Struggling with weight loss is a common issue for many people. However, theobromine can potentially lead to weight loss due to its ability to increase energy levels, decrease bloating and inflammation. It may also help control cravings and support metabolic health. Following a healthy diet, staying active, and using these supplements for mental clarity can play an essential role in reaching weight loss goals.

Possible Side Effects of Theobromine

Studies show that theobromine is relatively safe for humans and it has fewer unwanted side effects than caffeine. Theobromine supplements may cause sleep problems if taken during late afternoon or early evening. However, it's important to remember that the impact of taking theobromine varies from one individual to another. Some people are more tolerant to larger amounts of theobromine, while others can only handle a tiny amount.

Supplement and Dosage Information

The best way to consume these type of nutraceuticals is in supplement form. Formulas such as Xeed Focus offer a variety of nootropics at clinical-doses. This is usually ideal if you’re worried about taking more than what you need. The formula also contains specific carotenoids that work synergistically for maximum and safe nootropic-effects. Theobromine supplements are often used for supporting cardiovascular and brain health. These nootropic stimulants can often increase energy levels and provide mental clarity. Sometimes theobromine is sold as a fine powder, or you can purchase it in capsule form. The dosage recommendations will vary for each person, as it's generally recommended to take these natural stimulants at 300 to 600 milligrams each day. If you choose to take formulas like Xeed Focus, then you’ll be getting an amount that has been clinically-tested to work at those specific levels.

Closing Thoughts

Using nootropics for energy is a popular option for many people. Theobroma cacao is naturally found throughout Central and South America. These natural stimulants are a great way to increase energy levels and boost mental clarity. Understanding the proper dosage of these supplements is essential in avoiding harmful side effects. However, using this natural substance derived from theobroma cacao is often considered a better alternative than caffeine. Now is a great time to consider buying these natural supplements for energy and mental clarity!

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